Posted on 09. Nov, 2016 by in El Mundo

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. Do I feel stunned? Yes. Do I feel defeated? No.

This country woke up today totally different than it was yesterday. There’s more uncertainty than ever. Religious minorities, racial minorities, women, and many others, have legitimate reasons to feel afraid and unease. We have more questions than answers and right now only a few things are certain to me:

1. Like he promised, Donald Trump taught Republicans how to win.
2. He already built a wall in America.
3. Anger and hate don’t make a movement.
4. I still believe we are stronger together.

Do I feel like moving to Canada? Yes. But not because Trump won, but because I love Vancouver. When things don’t go our way we don’t run or hide. We keep our heads up and work hard to make this world better for everyone. Contrary to what Republicans did when Obama won, today I pledge to do my work as a citizen to help fix the many flaws of our imperfect Union.