Posted on 01. Feb, 2016 by in Educación

President Obama is proposing to invest $4 billion in computer science education. I believe this is a good idea in principle. Unfortunately, I can foresee a $4 Billion failure.

This is how the money will be spent: $2 Billion in training (most likely paid to private companies); $1.5 Billion in “new” equipment half of the teachers will never know how to use (due to poor training that already cost $2 Billion); $.5 Billion in school administrative expenses. I’d rather see the money spent in programs to improve reading, writing, Math and the arts. If there is a shortfall of Computer Science professionals money will be better spent in scholarships to help kids pay for college degrees in CS.

Obama proposes $4 billion for computer-science education

The program is targeting students from preschool through high school. It seeks to train teachers, expand access to instructional materials and create partnerships. Share story President Obama is proposing spending more than $4 billion to support computer-science education in schools.